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2019 TRAINING FOR COURAGE : Clinic, Camps, and Intensives

Come and Learn at Clinics and Camps: Training Liberty/ Riding Without Tack


Spring Schedule:

March 30-31, BHA, Burnaby BC - Horsemanship, Western Dressage/CD, WE
April 27-28, Kelowna TFC Center - Horsemanship, Western Dressage/CD, WE
May 2-3, Paints Plus, Sherwood Park, Edmonton - Horsemanship, WD/CD, WE
May...Training in Saskatoon between Edmonton Clinic and St. Andrews...Unless another clinic is booked.
May 25-26th, 2nd Chance, St. Andrews, MB - Horsemanship, WD/CD, WE
June 1-2, Fort St. John, BC - Horsemanship, Western Dressage/CD, WE
June 8-9, Grand Prairie, AB - Horsemanship, Western Dressage/CD, WE
** Potential clinics in Chilliwack, Ladner, Saskatoon


Summer Camps at TFC Center in Kelowna

All TFC camps have an inherent flexibility to make sure the subject matter is relevant to all participants at a level they can grow with and have fun being safe. Of course the TFC camps in Kelowna all have a day swim at Kalamalka lake and mountain trails. My trail at the back of the property has been graded though to Gallager Canyon.  All camps include, continental breakfast, prepared lunch and supper which so far has been a hit (Thanks to Keegan my son who has done most of the cooking). 

Why You Should Come to a Summer Camp in 2019


July 22-26th 5 day: WE, Mountain Trail, Extreme trail, Cowboy Challenge, Kelowna TFC Center
August 26-30th Sept. 2-6th 10 day (wknd o): Liberty, Seat, WD/CD, WE/Trail, Kelowna TFC Center

Cost: small paddock for your horse, bring your own hay or purchase some here, your own accommodations, lunch and supper
provided. $1,100.00 & GST for 5-day, double for 10 day

*RV space may be available for rent, if you don't have a horse you can rent one here $250/wk., free camp space is available in
barnyard, if electricity is required there will be a nominal charge.


Fall Schedule

Sept. 21-22 TFC wknd., Liberty, Kelowna TFC Center
Sept. 28-29 TFC wknd., Horsemanship, WE/WD/CD, Kelowna TFC Center
Oct. TBA Second Chance St. Andrews, MB

 Upcoming training topics to be covered on my FB videos and website. 

a) Liberty in more formal roundpen but also in improvised settings, how do you start ( This will be up in February).  b)How to get a start on training younger horses this one will be up soon (likely in February as well). c) Endotapping new foals ( awaiting my new Padrino son end of spring) so folks can understand how easily you can teach some life skills to your new foal that they will tap into for the rest of their lives with their human partners. d) Some segments will cover Classical Dressage/Working equitation foundation movement skills..... e) The clips on endotapping will show how to help our horses be braver but also to enhance relaxation of the body as well as improving foundational movements

Year Round

New in 2019. I often get people who tell me they can't t in the dates of the camps but would sure like to come and
ride for a week. Well now you can. In groups of 2-5 people you pick dates during the year that go from Monday-Friday. You
contact me and check to see if those dates are open on my calendar (my calendar may have more things booked than what
you see in this newsletter). If the dates are clear, you pay for your 5 days and you are booked in to come and ride at the TRAINING
FOR COURAGE CENTER with us in Kelowna.


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